Item Submission Guidelines

Item Submission Guidelines

Title and Description
  • Name MUST be unique on Gambolthemes.
    • Clarification: It is important that the item’s unique name is not already used by another item on Gambolthemes. When a name is not unique it can cause confusion and branding issues.
  • Name SHOULD follow the format [unique name] [separator] [short description]
    • Clarification: Acceptable separators: Hyphen (-), vertical bar (|), colon (:), and tilde (~)
    • Example: MyItem – Responsive Business Theme
  • Non-static HTML templates MUST include the name of the CMS or backend software that the item is built for.
  • Description MUST be written in syntax.
    • Clarification: HTML is escaped and does not render on item pages.
  • Description MUST contain bulletpoint lists of features and pages included in the item.
  • Description MUST contain attribution links for third-party assets used in the construction of the item.
  • Description MAY contain images.
    • Examples:
      • Additional screenshots
      • Marketing images
  • Description MUST NOT contain violent imagery, overly-sexualized imagery, or nudity.
  • Description MUST NOT contain racial slurs, hate speech, or otherwise inappropriate/offensive language.
  • Description MUST be written in English.
  • Updated item versions MUST include a detailed changelog in the description and documentation bundled with the item.
Sumit Source Files
  • Documentation File
  • Source Files
  • Read Me File (Format – Notepad)
Item Screenshot
  • Screenshot MUST be 590×300 pixels in 24-bit PNG format. File size MUST be under 600KiB.
    • Clarification: Screenshots will be rejected if they are distorted, if they were previously saved in a lossy format (for example, JPEG or 8-bit PNG), or if they contain flaws such as part of the browser UI.
  • Screenshot MUST show the top portion of the index/default page without OS or browser UI, marketing text, or other imagery.
  • Screenshot MUST NOT be cropped or zoomed-in.
  •  Screenshot MUST be kept up-to-date and reflect the item at its latest approved version.
Licenses and attribution

Marketplace assets used in the construction of your item MUST be properly licensed or free for commercial use.

Examples of assets:

  • Plugins and components
  • Textures, photographs, and other images
  • Icons and other glyphs
  • Fonts
  • Sounds, videos, and music
  • Source artwork (for example, .psd and .ai files)

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