How to add audio to WordPress in the easiest and most practical way

June 4, 2020

A content management system, WordPress makes it easy to play audio files and even entire playlists with its built-in capabilities. That is, to work with music there is no need to use additional plug-ins, although many beginners do not know it.

In this article, I will tell you how to add audio in WordPress without using plugins. I’ll show you the built-in features of this CMS. You will see how simple everything is.

How to add audio to wordpress

To add audio to WordPress, open the record or page editor, and click the “Add Media” button.

The standard WordPress bootloader opens. Here, either select your audio file in the “File Library” tab, or download it from your computer in the “Download Files” tab, and then select it.

And then in this entry or you will immediately see the player for the audio you downloaded.

And you’re done! Literally in a couple of clicks you have a full-fledged audio on the site.

How to add playlist to wordpress

WordPress also allows you to add playlists – several visually merged audio files. To do this, click the “Add Media” button in the record or page editor.

Click the “Create audio playlist” link on the left. Then select the audio files you need for your playlist in the File Library tab. Or you can add audio to WordPress in the “Upload Files” tab. After selecting the audio, click the “Create Playlist” button.

Then make the necessary settings (you can also change the order of the audio files by dragging them with the mouse) and click “Insert audio playlist”.

Then you will see an audio player with your files in the editor.

If you don’t know which songs to add, open service. It provides a list of all songs of any artist. Also you can search songs by BPM, which means you can find quick or slow songs.

Audio Widget

Starting with version 4.8, the developers have introduced an audio widget as part of the standard set. It’s called “Audio”.

To add audio to WordPress in the sidebar, go to Appearance, Widgets. Find the Audio widget and move it to the widget area you want. Expand it and click the “Add Audio” button, and fill in the “Subject” field if necessary.

After adding the audio, you can adjust it by clicking the “Edit” button. And to publish everything, click “Save”.

So now you know how to add audio to WordPress by means of the CMS itself. Of course, you can also use plugins for this purpose if you need additional functionality. But for most cases, this option is also suitable.